Reload kit + Tweezers

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Everything required to rapidly and professionally repin locks. Customise your practice locks to hone your skills: high-low pin configurations, high-security pins (spool, serrated, mushroom..), 6-pin locks, etc.


When you've mastered our Progressive Locks, and looking to sharpen your skills on specific challenges, the Sparrows Reload Kit contains everything required to rapidly and professionally repin locks.

Learning to repin locks is a vital skill for hobbyists and professionals alike.

For professionals, being able to disassemble and reassemble locks allows you confidently adapt to a larger variety of customer problems: repairing locks with stuck or broken springs, cutting a new key just from the pins when the original key was lost, or rekeying a new cylinder to an existing customer key.

For hobbyists, repinning allows you to hone your skills on specific challenges, by building lock configurations that correspond to what you're practicing: high-low pin configurations, high-security pins, 6-pin locks, etc.

Included in the kit are four "Challenge Keys" - pre-configured keys and pin sets that correspond to specific picking situations to allow you to improve your skills.

While the theory of repinning is simple, without the right tools and strong fundamentals it can be a highly frustrating process. The Sparrows Reload Kit has everything you need to learn how to quickly and efficiently repin locks, and avoid common pitfalls.

The Plug Follower tool is designed to quickly and easily extract the plug without the all-too-common "pins and springs flying everywhere" result. It's built to last, and will quickly become part of your every-day carry kit.

Likewise, the included repinning mats and tweezers provide the structure for organised workflow during disassembly, pinning and repinning, reducing the risk of mixed pins.

The Sparrows Reload Kit is a must have item, and the included tools will form part of your every-day carry kit for years to come.

In a nutshell

Below is an overview of the Sparrows Reload Kit:

Must-Have Tool

Everything you need to learn lock repinning.

Highly Compatible

Compatible with our Progressive Locks

High Quality

Tools for life: buy one, use forever.

Pack Contents

  • Pins:
    • 10x Spool Pins
    • 10x Serrated Pins
    • 10x Mushroom Pins
  • Springs & Tail Cap Pins
    • 15x Main Springs
    • 5x Tail cap pins & Springs
  • Tools:
    • 1x Plug Follower
    • 2x Pinning Mats
  • Accessories:
    • 1x Tweezer Set
    • 1x Metallic Carry Case

Technical Information

  • Case Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 3cm
  • Pinning Mat Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 0.6cm
  • Plug Follower Dimensions: 8 x 1.25cm


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