Whether you're a hobbyist, penetration tester or industry professional - we have dedicated collections built for your needs.
All products are available for purchase regardless of your profile; our hand-built collections allow rapid access to the tools most relevant to your requirements.


  • Solid recommendations based on real-world experience: the support team prioritise advice over pushing to a sale. - Daniel F - Locksport Client

  • We had a tight timeline for a mission, and the team was able to get our products delivered quickly. - European LEA Entity

  • Thank you again - the quality of the tools exceeded my already high expectations. - Mehmet K - Locksmith

Lock401 Advantages

100% European

All products are stocked and shipped from France. World-wide shipping, Lock401 Delivery Protection and no import duties for EU customers.

Industry Experts

Lock401's founding partners work in physical and electronic security, collaborating with locksmiths, law-enforcement and locksport enthusiasts.

Outstanding Support

Get customer support from people who understand the products and your needs. Simply reach out to support@lock401.com

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About Lock401

Lock401's founding partners are passionate about security, pentesting, manufacturing and product innovation. Our goal is to offer highly-curated collections that meet the requirements of three key customer profiles: Pentesters, Locksmiths and Locksports Enthusiasts.

We don't sell products that we don't use. Each product and pack has been carefully created with a specific use-case in mind, with no cruft.

Many of our products are exclusive to Lock401, and designed and manufactured in house. We are proudly European, all products are warehoused and dispatched from our French warehouse, and tracked door to door.

Whether you're a hobbiest, locksmith, pentester, industry specialist or government organisation, we work hard to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to reach out to our excellent support if you have further questions.

Lock401 In a Nutshell

  • Curated, quality tools for pentesters, government, locksmiths and hobbyists
  • Custom made exclusive tools and kits
  • Buy with confidence: no useless tools
  • World-wide, guaranteed shipping
  • European warehousing & shipping
  • Educational and government / LEA discounts available
  • Run by people with decades of industry experience