Ultra Decoder

Ultra Decoder

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Rapidly decode combination padlocks with this ultra-slim decoding tool. Read the combination directly from the mechanism, or bypass the lock entirely.


The Sparrows Ultra Decoder is a super-thin blade (0.2mm!) that has two uses: rapid decoding of combination-wheel locks, and also serves as a bypass tool for many oval padlocks.

Wheel Locks

When used with combination wheel locks, the blade is inserted beside each wheel, and the wheel is rotated. Changes in the axle are felt as 'flat spots' - which indicate the correct position. The same process is repeated for each wheel, and the combination is revealed. Once all wheels are aligned, simply rotate all wheels one position down at the same time until the lock opens.

With a little practice, almost any combination lock: padlocks, suitcases and keyboxes can be rapidly decoded in one or two minutes.

Oval Padlocks (Incl. Master 175)

The super-slim profile of the Ultra Decoder means it can slide into places tools were never expected - and completely bypass locks. Techniques vary lock from lock, but the result is the same - the lock is opened within seconds.

Don't be deceived by its thin profile: the Ultra Decoder is built to last - high quality, high tensile spring steel and a molded plastic handle makes this a tool you'll have for a long time.

In a nutshell

Below is an overview of the Sparrows Ultra Decoder:

Decode Combination Locks

Rapidly decode and open wheel locks in seconds.

Bypass Padlocks Rapidly

Rapidly bypass many padlocks with a flick of the wrist.

High Quality

Svelte but strong: high quality tensile steel.

Pack Contents

  • 1x Ultra Decoder

Technical Information

  • Dimensions: 12cm x 0.2mm


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